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Our Brand – PRINCE Fresh

PRINCE Foods started a humble beginning, where we are supplying fresh food products. As we gained more reputation among our clients, and we want to expand more, to satisfy their requirements, we then started to include the concept of fresh. Along with processed foods, which we were already doing, the concept of giving “Fresh Foods” introduced in the market gained a quick and positive response.  Owing to the requests from the customers we have expanded our horizons to a wider range of food products.

We believe that the journey from the farm to platter should be quick, and swift. We currently focus on processing and repackaging. The concept of processing is unique which PRINCE Fresh, where we take immense care to retain the nutrition and the taste that every foodstuff has naturally. Our concept of repacking focuses on sustainability, where we focus on catering to the customer’s demands, on the quantity, cut, and customization.

Fresh has always been our defining factor, be it for the foods we source, or for the thought and innovations, we bring in our business. We source it from the choicest of the farmers, agriculturists, fishermen, who can give a wide range of things from plant-based and animal-based.

We believe in reinventing ourselves and focus on adding our capacity. To serve our customers faster and better, we have an art warehouse, cold room infrastructures, and freezers. We are also in the process of adding a cold chain vehicle soon. We ensure we provide most hygienically processed foods reach the customer with exceptional quality, and top-notch taste and nutrition.