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Response to Coronavirus
Considering COVID, we have ensured that we supply the same quality foods and other products. To retain continuous supplies, logistics, and transportation were first sorted. We then made a rigorous quality check, which is of several steps, to ensure the freshness and avoid contamination. Similarly, all our offices, procurement centers, our employees associated are comprehensively checked for their temperature. They have to wear the safety gears, which included masks, gloves, and special armors over their dress, which protects them from any contamination, and also do not let any germs from them to affect the food materials, and even other employees working with them. All our workstations are cleaned and disinfected. All the tools we use are properly sanitized and helps us to maintain good quality and safety parameters.
Since the advent of COVID, we have been so keen on our safety measures, and ensure that we guarantee the continuous quality and safety in all our pursuits. We have enabled mandatory safety precautions, across all our customers and ensure that all our employees are working with all Personal Protective Equipment. We completely track the health and wellness of our employees and ensure they are fit and healthy. We regularly do temperature screening for both our employees, and our visitors, and enable a safe working environment. We are supplying all kinds of necessary kits for employees to maintain social distancing in the premises.

We train our employees regarding precautionary steps to be followed for COVID 19 and follow Eat right India by the government of India to fulfill essential nutrition. We completely follow the cleaning and disinfectant protocols; in case we identify cases of infections.

Above all, we are creating awareness for people through our delivery team, vendors, and customers. We are implementing cashless transactions to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Thus, we at, PRINCE Foods, ensure complete safety and health precautions to enable a safe and healthy environment.